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When I want service, I want a free quote. I want a licensed Professional.
I don’t want someone who is on time, I want someone who is early. I want someone who is extremely courteous and respectful to me and my things. I want someone who is local with a good reputation. I want someone who I can communicate clearly with.

I want someone who can portray in simple terms, the aspects and details of work to be performed. I want someone who is not going to charge me to take his time, yet still meet my schedule. I want it done right the first time, and I want it to be aesthetically pleasing when the job is finished. I want to pay the same or better yet, less than what I was quoted before you walked through the door.

I want a good warranty. I want all areas cleaner than they were before you arrived. I want the best materials, and someone who can explain to me why they are. I don’t want to be inconvenienced, but rather surprised at the level of service. I don’t want to be misled in anyway, at anytime, for any reason.

I want an honest person in my house. I want a company I can refer my friends and family to. If you want what I want, then I assure you; you have chosen the right company.


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